Why we chose to market on-chain with the Algorand blockchain

You may have heard of the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy lately. The film focuses on the hidden underbelly of the commercial fishing industry which is rife with fraud and corruption.

Unfortunately the world of marketing is very similar. In your everyday life, you may not think much about what drives the barrage of advertisements in our world. But small businesses often need to rely on shady "SEO experts" who push bots to drive site traffic, or run pricy campaigns to gain new business. If people have never heard of your site or business, you won't be in business long.

But marketing today is extremely expensive, and the major players (Google, Facebook, Twitter) have monopolized much of the market with hidden algorithms and pay-to-play schemes that only large corporations can take advantage of.

Start-ups have to think imaginatively.

At The Algo Post, we knew that starting a news service in a world cluttered with shady crypto news sites and personal takes on blogs would be hard. Newspapers around the world are failing, and staying afloat as an e-news service is just as arduous.

But part of the beauty of blockchains like Algorand is the ability to create a new market and directly reward your readers, rather than relying on monopolies like Google or Facebook to drive traffic to your site.

On-chain, transparent advertising

When we minted the POST token (learn more here), we were able to create a direct marketing campaign that is on-chain, transparent, and cuts our readers into the share of revenue. Our readers can audit our wallet to see pay-outs, and they can use POST tokens to buy products in our Store, creating an ecosystem that is completely independent of the major marketing players. This helps us gain valuable readers, and it helps readers stay informed on Algorand news, all while banking loyalty points to spend on products they can use.

It doesn't hurt that Algorand is extremely fast, extremely secure, and the cost per transaction is near negligible. This makes for a seamless loyalty points platform and easy customer use.

We're hopeful this is just the beginning. We imagine a world of on-chain advertising platforms like Brave that cut readers and content creators in to revenue simultaneously, and cut out the middle men and monopolies of the world. This can help create a world less cluttered with meaningless ads, and more meaningful content — and a direct relationship between the writers and readers of news.

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— The Algo Post