The Dip

The Dip is here — at least it was.

Algo dipped to a low of $0.93 overnight, while Bitcoin lost $10,000, briefly dipping to $48,000, a correction near 20% (Cointelegraph).


While some panicked buyers likely woke up in a sweat, Twitter saw lots of hodler's asking each other who's buying what at these low prices — including yours truly, The Algo Post:

However, the correction seems short-lived, as BTC has now recovered to $53,880 at time of post. Indeed Algo never reached below its previous support level of $0.92 from February 10, 2021.

Algo, previous low 02/10/21

Overall it sounds like this may have been a small correction for the market, but stabilization and previous support levels quickly brought Algo and other alt-coins back from their lowest dips.

Having trouble riding out the dip? Check out "Ride the Dip" in our In-Depth section.

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