New immunity passport certifies first COVID test in Italy based on Algorand blockchain

MyHealthPassport, a digital immunity passport, certified its first public COVID test using the Algorand blockchain. The digital immunity passport is designed to authenticate the outcome of a COVID-19 test and to prove its validity universally by allowing patients to show a simple QR code.

Launched in Milan, the immunity passport allows for encrypted health records which protect patients' privacy, as well as fast, universally compliant certification of the COVID test results.

Governments around the world are considering ways to implement immunity passports given the uneven distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. European Union President Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen hopes to have a digital passport standard across Europe by summer 2021.

The MyHealthPassport claims to be the first use-case in Italy, and potentially all of Europe, for immunity testing based on blockchain. The immunity passport is built by and is based on the Algorand blockchain.

— The Algo Post

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