Algorand Foundation tallying results of competition for fastest worldwide Algo transaction

The Algorand Foundation, a company launched to help foster the Algorand blockchain network, is currently reviewing entries into a worldwide competition for the fastest Algo transactions sent across four continents.

The competition, "The Algorand 4 x 100 USDT Relay Race," is designed to test and exhibit the speed and efficiency of the Algorand blockchain network. Primarily marketed on Twitter, users were able to enter the relay competition by video-recording a $100 USD transaction sent across four continents on the Algorand blockchain. Entries were accepted via a Google Form.

First prize winners will receive $5,000.00 for their efforts.

Unfortunately users can no longer enter the competition, as the relay closed to new entries on March 19, 2021. The Algorand Foundation hasn't yet announced results of the relay race, but we should hear the final outcome soon — exciting news for the future of finance!

— The Algo Post

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